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Vancouver Whitecaps FC Tickets

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Rating: 4.1 out of 5 based on 621 reviews

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Vancouver Whitecaps FC History

The Vancouver Whitecaps may have only joined MLS in 2011 (alongside the Portland Timbers), but the team has a long history in the Pacific Northwest. The Whitecaps first launched in 1974  as a member of the now-defunct North American Soccer League and moved to the Canadian Soccer League in 1986 as the 86ers. The team would remain as the 86ers until 2000 when the Whitecaps name resurfaced as part of the A-League, which would later become the United Soccer League (USL).

Finally, on March 18, 2009, the Whitecaps were introduced as the newest franchise in MLS, where they would keep the Whitecaps name as part of the United States' top division. The club qualified for their first playoff run in 2012, becoming the first Canadian MLS franchise to do so. Meanwhile, the Whitecaps have claimed the Voyageurs Cup at the annual interleague Canadian Championship in 2015, 2022, and 2013 and count 2013 MLS Golden Boot winner Camilo Sanvezzo among their alumni. 

Vancouver Whitecaps FC Team Info

Conference: Western
Team Colors: Deep Sea Blue, Whitecaps Blue, White
Team Rivals: Seattle Sounders FC, Portland Timbers, Toronto FC, CF Montréal

Vancouver Whitecaps FC at BC Place

The Pacific Northwest is a hotbed for MLS soccer fandom, and Vancouver is no exception. Like their Western Conference rivals in Seattle and Portland, the Whitecaps elicit passionate devotion from the locals at BC Place. Settle in for a night of soccer boosted by the team’s supporters' section, led by passionate fan groups the Southsiders, Rain City Brigade, and Curva Collective.


Vancouver Whitecaps FC’s 2024 regular season kicks off in March at home as Vancouver Whitecaps FC face off against Charlotte FC. Vancouver competes in their final match of the regular season at America First Field in Sandy, Utah against Western Conference opponents Real Salt Lake. Here’s a list of key matches to keep an eye on: 

  • 03/02 vs. Charlotte FC
  • 03/30 vs. Portland Timbers
  • 04/06 vs. Toronto FC
  • 04/20 @ Seattle Sounders FC
  • 05/18 @ Seattle Sounders FC
  • 06/22 @ Portland Timbers
  • 07/06 @ CF Montréal
  • 09/28 vs. Portland Timbers
  • 10/02 vs. Seattle Sounders FC
  • 10/19 @ Real Salt Lake

Tickets for the 2024 regular season can be purchased on Ticketmaster, the Official Ticket Marketplace of Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

Vancouver Whitecaps FC have not yet appeared in an MLS Cup championship match.

Vancouver Whitecaps FC compete at BC Place in Vancouver, British Columbia. The seating map for BC Place can be viewed here.


Rating: 4.1 out of 5 based on 621 reviews
  • Rating: 3 out of 5

    Stadium was totally unprepared for 5700 fans.

    by Disgruntled Fan on 2024-02-11Starlight Stadium - Victoria

    How cab you have one ticket scanner per gate? It was sold out. Many fans missed the first half waiting to get in to the stadium. Outrageous!

  • Rating: 2 out of 5

    Game was great. Event Mngmt needs work.

    by MacSoccernut on 2024-02-11Starlight Stadium - Victoria

    The game, what we saw of it, was great. Despite arriving over an hour early, we missed the first 20+ minutes of the it though. There was no one controlling parking and not great signage. But it was free so that's a wash perhaps. The line to get in was confusing. There was no one out managing crowds, letting people know what was going on. Turns out we got in the right line. A very long, mostly static, seemingly spontaneously formed line. There was literally one gate. One person entering at a time... and thousands in line. I assume there was another one on the other side of the stadium but I don't know. I'm also assuming the stadium was half full for kick-off. We weren't there to see it. When we finally got in and to our seats, the rest of the night was quite enjoyable. Exciting game. Great international crowd. Notwithstanding the minor chaos on leaving. Again no event folks or clear direction to separate pedestrians from cars backing out of somewhat chaotic parking in the dark etc. It was fortunate no one was run over (assuming this is the case). Hopefully this will continually get better. One thing for sure, no steps to expand this stadium should be considered without recognizing and adequately addressing the event management needs of the existing facility and then ensuring that capability, once in place and operating effectivel, is scalable to whatever increased capacity is planned.

  • Rating: 4 out of 5

    Excellent game Whitecaps vs. Tigre!

    by Drew on 2024-02-10Starlight Stadium - Victoria

    The match on the field was hard fought and totally entertaining from the first whistle to the last. With great the Mexican team working hard to build up the perfect shot and the Whitecaps breaking out on counter attacks. The Whitecaps’ goalie was utterly amazing making unbelievable stops that could have seen the Caps down 2 - 1 at the end of the first half, instead of leading 1 - 0. The Tigre continued to push in the second half and finally scored on a set kick in the last 5 minutes of regulation time. It was a very exciting additional 5 minutes of play before the game ended in a 1 all draw. It was a great match and well worth the price of the ticket. The problem was with the management of the crowd prior to and during the event. The door opened one hour prior to the event and was heavily lined up when we arrived 30 minutes prior to the event. It took us 40 minutes to get through the line and into the stadium. The game had already started by then. We had still to get to our seats. Once we were in our seats in Section 107 row B seats 4 to 7 our view was interrupted for the next 20 or so minutes with the rest of the people arriving for the match and trying to get to their seats. There was one gate as far as I could see and I asked the attendant as well. With one person checking bags, three security people handing for weapons and three people at least taking tickets for 5,700 people. It was not enough as it did not get people into the game fast enough and to be honest did not provide a very good check of the bags. There was no signage out front of the stadium providing clear instructions on where to line up and what the line up was for. The line up crossed the driveway to the parking lot that was for several other business as well as the stadium without any control and was at one point lined up into the parking lot. There were no standards or ropes or demarkation for the lines in any way and that left much up to the interpretation of the attendees and that can lead to problems. Once in the stadium there were little or no staff to support finding your seats. That was very difficult for us especially as the game had already started and we did not want to be standing in the way of other fans. I certainly did not see any one and was not offered any assistance as I walked in front of the main grandstand looking for our section and then our row and seats at centre field. Additionally it seemed that the stadium was unprepared for that number of people at the intermission as my colleagues were unable to get any food during the break. They told me that the line did not move during the entire time so they came back empty handed. It was my understanding that the food and beverage outlets consisted of the regular concession and two food trucks to serve 5,700 people. Again, the on field product which is what we paid to go see was excellent and we would go again in a heartbeat, but the stadium could use some help in becoming the world class experience that the match was and the stadium certainly could be with a few minor tweaks.

  • Rating: 4 out of 5

    Starlight Stadium

    by TheCro!!! on 2024-02-10Starlight Stadium - Victoria

    It was 30 min into the game before I was able to see anything as people were constantly walking in front of me during the match. Stadium staff clearly did not know how to handle an event of this magnitude. I have attended games all over the world including Vancouver and never experienced this poor a planning by stadium staff. Game was entertaining what I was able to see of it. 5 stars for game, Starlight Stadium facility and staff get 1 star. Royal Athletic park or Centenial Stadium at Uvic are much better prepared for events of this magnitude. Langford is clearly not.

  • Rating: 1 out of 5

    Stadium entrance misery

    by Maria on 2024-02-10Starlight Stadium - Victoria

    The game was great but we missed half of it because there is only one gate screener, to screen a sold out 5k seats. Halfway from the gate we were told that the VIP entrance at the back was open. The crowd rushed to the back of the stadium. I am old and my knees have problem but I walked to the back to take chance of getting inside quicker. The line up was already long by the time I get there. Same thing there is only one gate screener. It was already second half when we get in.

  • Rating: 5 out of 5

    It was awesome!!!

    by Ike on 2023-11-10BC Place - Vancouver

    It was my first Time there at the game. I had great time with my kid I would love to come back.

  • Rating: 3 out of 5

    Needs more family activities

    by Soccer gramma on 2023-11-09BC Place - Vancouver

    While referee may not have been best and understand passionate feelings involved in spotted, unsportmanship like behavior is never acceptable. Caused some children around me to be scared and anxious, and tarnished their and their parents experience. Would of liked to see some kid friendly activities, like soccer skills games, etc to build game excitement pregame, not just a beer garden, because it was a playoff and many families and children’s soccer teams were in attendance. More festive event.

  • Rating: 3 out of 5


    by P.J. on 2023-11-09BC Place - Vancouver

    There wasn't much hype, the upper bowl was mostly empty and the officiating was ghastly. Overall it felt like an exhibition game, if you ask me.

  • Rating: 5 out of 5

    Exciting game

    by Boogie on 2023-11-09BC Place - Vancouver

    It was a good game unfortunately a lot of penalties but still Vancouver did really well great fans

  • Rating: 4 out of 5

    Whitecaps game was a blast!

    by Akachan on 2023-11-09BC Place - Vancouver

    The ticketmaster experience was a breeze. So easy to purchase and then show my phone to the greeters at the stadium. The Whitecaps game was really great (except for the reffing, but that is not related to this). The seats were excellent even thought they were in the upper section. The only thing that restricts me from doing this more often is the price of drinks and food. A beer cost $12 for a can. It is a bit much. If that many people are drinking and eating, and we already paid for tickets to go to the event, why charge us so much for drinking and eating?